Demo 2012

by Of Sound And Fury



Our first recording.
New tracks coming soon


released May 26, 2012



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Of Sound And Fury Москва, Russian Federation

Melodic Hardcore band from Moscow, Russia.

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Track Name: The Place You Probably Won't Go
Set me free from all these reminiscences
That send me to the bottom of past life
Unclasp my hands
And take all to the deep of point of no return

Bury your feelings and let,
Let me stay by your side
For one last time. For one last reason.

Let me burn all the bridges
Let me see what we've done
I've been looking for answer
I've got nothing to say and run..

Away from you...
I don't trust these illusions anymore
It had sense but now it comes through fingers like a sand

That's something left to say
for you and me
That's something left to say
for you
Track Name: Remains
We've got too much to say
Now we are going to calm forever
We lost path on our way
Keep on breathing, falling apart

Crows encircle these remains
Which we used to call home
Still deaf to our prayers
The fate keeps routing our troops of hope

Can't you see I'm broken
Cant you feel my pain
I lost my light at the end of the tunnel
I gave up without fighting
Waiting for your HAT TRICK IN GAME
I don't need your illusions
I need to know why
I became a target

Deep inside I've got something I'd like to hide.. forever
Just let me go. I hope someone still needs me

I declined these values 
Was deaf to entreaties
And now I reap the fruits of my foolishness
That who I was not gained the upper hand over me
And I become whom I NEVER WANT TO BE
Looking in a mirror I see someone
Who killed everything I loved

I’ve been closed in my shell for far far too long
And was too blind and deaf for far for too long

My every word is burring me
I keep on falling
This huge world became small
When I lost everyone who supported me
I just need one more day TO PROVE I’M ALIVE