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'Hope' is a storyteller of just the regular person's life that faced fear, love, death and other sides of people's life. One man is a prism of the universe disasters, who gets everything through himself and make the world feel his pain and pleasure.


released April 24, 2017



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Of Sound And Fury Москва, Russian Federation

Melodic Hardcore band from Moscow, Russia.

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Track Name: Self-Revelation (A Witness)
Who am I to a witness
Of this broken life, of these broken hopes?
This river seemed to be narrow
But I had swum for years with no sign of a bank.
Hey, will you judge me?
I used to be like you back in a time.
I sure you have your own story…
But it’s a time for a story of mine..
Track Name: E for Escape
Have you been dreaming about old hopes and illusions
How your’s heart beaten like drum,
And every morning was reason to run and run and run.
You got new banners and colours, new victims and idols.
Where do they lead you and what do you say,
We both have the same disease
But I hope we'll rise another day.

So bury your head
And pretend to be someone else.
Keep saying your name,
Every breath that you take will lead to love again.

What has happened to us we betrayed our wonders,
We were unstoppable.
We had no limit by time and no reason to stay at home.
Lost in thesepromises,
Lost in the wrong direction.
Marking a new day like milestone,
We both have the same disease
But I swear I'll be there till I'm gone.
Track Name: A City Like This
This was no ordinary love
we were young we were invincibles
it never stood a chance
this game was all after all
so we came to this city like burning flames
swallowed its bones but it never gave up
This city stood for us,
We were so full,
We were invincible.

So invincible.

We came to this city like burning flames,
Kissed its walls with the fire mouth.
But the next day - the rain
flushed all our trails away.
Nothing but misery,
We were the history.
But if I’m gone tomorrow
Will you be missing me?
Will this city miss me?

You probably think I’m a vicious,
I have no reasons to fight.
You probably think I’m a vicious,
I have no demons to fight.
You probably think I’m a vicious
I have no chances to fly.
Track Name: We, the Desperate
We have been some mad men.
They remember us as fools.
We could hear through the silence
And cried for the moon.

Were saved by disasters,
These talks will never end.
Let’s be smart, and play role.
Let’s burn it away!

Understanding is something suspicious.
All these promises fall,
You should run for your life, you should run.
Justifying is only thing left for me.
I think may be tomorrow
It will change, it will change for a while.

I think may be tomorrow I will set this city on fire.

Teardrop by teardrop
Our ocean flowed away
This party is over.
We lost it again.

Get it, please get it.
Our ship is crushing down.
One day I'll find a way out
Someday, not now.

We were kings and believers
I’ll become you someday
We were slaves and redemptions.
You’ll become me someday.

We look for some hands to hold.
Track Name: Cradlesong
Do you remember the first day we met. It was mid December, I swear.
I was holding my breath keeping you in my arms so hard.
Your looked innocent like I never was. I wish I could live this day again.
But the every beginning has its ending, my boy,
That couldn't be heaven without hell.

This is a picture I paint, this is a picture I paint for you,
Seems like a prophecy that I had never expected.
Like a prophecy I never got through.
You were my remedy, I was your disappointment, right...
We understand these reasons when the time was running up.

I remember the day I lost you, couldn't believe that it was so true.
I was Holding my breath keeping your picture in my hands.
Was only one thing in my head, can I see you again till I'm dead
Can I make this world calm and I'll be able to hear you again?

This is a grave that I dig, this is a grave that I dig for you.
It seems like a prophecy that I had never expected,
Like a prophecy I never got through...
You were my remedy, I was your disappointment... Right
I understand the reasons but the time was already out.

The time was already out!

What’s the price, we can undone,
We stayed straight against the sun
I’m wishing you good night.
Something special something bright,
These burns remind me I was alive.

You will be in sunshine or in shadows,
I'll wait until I come to you someday
And the only thing that warms me..
My time runs away, my time will run away.

Time will run away.
Track Name: Stuck in Shadows
Love had showed us
The real us hidden behind
Our fears and lies.
My anxiety, your bravery,
Speak to me, mercy me.

Myths and goals,
Broken promises, you and me.
No one told us we were wrong.
There were too many rivers,
There were too many roads.

Do you remember, when we have lost
Everything we ever formed,
Everything we had, everything everything...

I hate to tell you but we are stuck in our shadows,
Your hands are cold as ice.
The journey has come to the end
As blink of an eye…

We were undiscovered,
Destroying misery.
You showed me everything
With silent farewell kiss.
I let you go away,
We let it disappear.
The only reason, the only reason...

We’ve passed
Through the misery
Losses and fears.
But when I close my eyes we do it
Over and over again and again and again...
Track Name: Feeding Our Demons Again
It's I'm a hopeless, sleepless guy.
Just an empty room that im surrounded by.
You should be right, babe, I'm my own disaster,
But here's the shelter where we have dreamt about new lands and oceans.

This old day stuff that used to have some meaning,
These painting, songs, ashtrays and scratched stickers.
I do remember all in details and now how we got them,
But maybe these regrets is that what I’m deserved, listen.

We both should let it go, i swear I'll smash them
Piece by piece and turn these memories,
Into dust of time we lived in.
But it still makes a sense and it still burns
here In my neck,
I wish someday it goes away
Can be turned off like some kind of a stereo.

Some kind of a stereo
That can just be turn off...

Oh yeah, we tried to move back
Facing the same failures,
Just another excuse, an awkward greeting.
I've been wasting my time whispering out loud.

No one can curb the thunder
No one can ride the wind
Next door from you, but seems like miles away.
You are growing flowers, I'm feeding my demons again.

Used to be so useful, so impressive, so bright and loud,
Like abandoned items
We're out of service now.
Round and round.
Lost and won't ever be found
I should be back to my shell
And this will be my defeat.
Throw these memories
Like all things we had.

We turn them off like a stereo.
That can just be turn off.

What ever will be the worst?
All these promises we had?
We need to find a way
And need to let us go.
Someday you'd clean it all
Someday you'd clean it up.
You'll stay in an empty room
Like me with an empty heart/

Never get back.

Used to be so useful, so impressive, so bright and loud,
Like abandoned items
We're out of service now.
Round and round.
Lost and won't ever be found
I should be back to my shell
And this will be my defeat.
Throw these memories
Like all things we had.
Track Name: Hope is...
Hope is what I’ve lost.
Track Name: Oblivion (We Are Already Dead)
There was a time… We’ve been falling down,
Falling down, then...
Promised we’d try to get it before sun goes down
We’ll shine, and shine till the end…

Time runs away… We tried to handle and hold it again,
Our ship is now nothing more
Then just a dust on a sand…

I’ll never forget
The way I lost everything that I had.
Full of sadness and thoughts
I scream loud to get heard and to be loved
To be loved again.

Where are you now?
Where you at when I need you so much?
Where you at for the moment when I realize
There’s no fear of a death, just regrets.

Because we are already dead.

No regrets! We are already dead, already dead...