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Do you remember the first day we met. It was mid December, I swear.
I was holding my breath keeping you in my arms so hard.
Your looked innocent like I never was. I wish I could live this day again.
But the every beginning has its ending, my boy,
That couldn't be heaven without hell.

This is a picture I paint, this is a picture I paint for you,
Seems like a prophecy that I had never expected.
Like a prophecy I never got through.
You were my remedy, I was your disappointment, right...
We understand these reasons when the time was running up.

I remember the day I lost you, couldn't believe that it was so true.
I was Holding my breath keeping your picture in my hands.
Was only one thing in my head, can I see you again till I'm dead
Can I make this world calm and I'll be able to hear you again?

This is a grave that I dig, this is a grave that I dig for you.
It seems like a prophecy that I had never expected,
Like a prophecy I never got through...
You were my remedy, I was your disappointment... Right
I understand the reasons but the time was already out.

The time was already out!

What’s the price, we can undone,
We stayed straight against the sun
I’m wishing you good night.
Something special something bright,
These burns remind me I was alive.

You will be in sunshine or in shadows,
I'll wait until I come to you someday
And the only thing that warms me..
My time runs away, my time will run away.

Time will run away.


from Hope, released April 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Of Sound And Fury Москва, Russian Federation

Melodic Hardcore band from Moscow, Russia.

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